Advance Collagen Hyaluronic professional intensive treatment (1hr) *****

A rejuvenating non-invasive skin resurfacing, injection-like effect using hyaluronic acid filler and peptides to help plump and fill the deep lines (wrinkles) giving your skin a more youthful appearance and improved elastin restructure. This collagen treatment helps regenerate cellular turnover and smooths and lifts the skin giving it visible and long lasting results – look years younger


Advance Anti-ageing facial (1hr)

Indulge in a luxury cocooning textures and delicate scents. A luxuriant soft and silky anti-ageing range will help intensely nourish the skin, balances moisture levels and deliver a youthful complexion.


Ultimate Rejuvenating facial (1hr)

Indulge a time out for your body especially for your skin to achieve maximum results monthly. This treatment will focus on the concerned areas of your skin and ways to prevent further damage to your face. The rejuvenating facial will include a deep double cleanse, gommage, desquacrem forte, stem, blackhead /milia removal, vitality masque, multi action eye cream and hydra protective creme application leaving your skin feel silky smooth and rejuvenated. Allow the citrus and cherry blossom botanical extracts take over your body when you indulge in a relaxing beautiful neck and shoulder massage onto the face stimulating cell regeneration


Men’s detoxifying destressing treatment (1hr)

A energizing facial that uses the power of volcanic rock for its rich magnesium content to boost and detoxify a man’s skin. Feel and smell fresh instantly!


Ultimate Gentle facial (1hr)

Suitable for sensitive, sensitised, broken capillaries, rosacea or psoriasis skin)

Your journey begins with a delicate yet powerful amazing result for your skin indulge in a soothing neck and shoulder massage infused with exotic botanical extract scents. Your stress will melt away with each passing moments.


Advance Clinical peel (1hr)

A non-invasive skin exfoliation treatment helps cellular turnover , smoothen and soften the skin for fantastic flawless makeup application. This treatment helps your skin look brighter everyday and reduces the signs of sallow skin using a professional glysalac peel formulated with glycolic and salicylic acid. Its perfect for those that want an instant radiance, brighter and even complexion for better results.


Advance Ampoule infusion facial (1hr)

This ampoule facial treatment uses specialised facial solutions and preparations that address the concerns of various skin types. We will focus on your skin concerns such as fragile capillaries to help strengthen the capillary walls to prevent future damage to the skin, sensitive skin to help calm, sooth and protect the skin, or a deep moisturising infusion ampoule to help with your dry skin throughout the year especially during winter.


Microdermabrasion (30mins)

This high demand non-invasive resurfacing treatment delivers instant results leaving your skin beautifully smoother and younger by reducing the appearance of pigmentation, deep lines, fine lines and scars. The granular substance will help remove dead skin cells and sallow skin allowing your new skin to glow, feel smooth and look good instantly.


Please arrive 5 minutes before your facial appointment time.