Why do we need to have facials?

For our professional skin care therapist to analyse your skin concerns to help improve and prevent further damage to your skin and also selecting the correct home care regime for you.

Everyday, our face is exposed to many harmful chemicals in the environment such as fumes, cigarette smoke, our daily make-up,  UV rays exposure, stress and laugh lines  these are just some factors that make our face look old, dull, dry and wrinkled. Our face needs to breathe and get its appropriate pampering once in awhile.

Skin Care Tips

Make sure you remove eye makeup and lipstick before starting your facial

Step 1. Cleanse the skin

Reasons why we cleanse the skin is to remove dirt , oil, sunscreen and makeup off the skin, to aid desquamation (dead skin cells), prepare the skin for further treatment, and make a skin diagnosis.

Always remember to double cleanse the skin for those who don’t, first cleanse helps remove the dirt and makeup off the skin and second cleanse is actually cleansing the skin.  Double cleanse morning and night, that means your cleansing your skin four times. Don’t over use your product, the less the better and make sure your using the correct product for your skin otherwise you will find tightening or dryness of the skin.

Note:  Many people spend so much on hair care products and neglect their skin. Skin is very important just like your hair, so start looking after yourself now to help prevent further damage and aging of your skin.

Step 2. Tone your skin

Reasons why we tone the skin is to close pores to prevent further comedones (blackheads),  hydrate the skin, remove excess oils and cleansers without dehydrating the skin, bring back to 5.5 PH balance  and refine the skin.

Step 3. Exfoliate your skin

Reasons why we exfoliate the skin is because every 40 minutes we shed 1 billion dead skin cells all over our body, for us to help renew cells, prevent ingrown hairs, help clogged pores unblock and for deeper penetration of masque and moisturiser we need to help by exfoliating our skin. Make sure you use the correct exfoliation for your skin; otherwise harsh granules can damage the skin and cause permanent telangiectasia (broken capillaries).  Only exfoliate 2-3 times weekly never over exfoliate otherwise more oil production will be produced.  When exfoliation is proceeded exfoliate for a good 1 – 2 minutes.

Step 4. Analysing the skin

Reasons why we analyse the skin is to help find imperfections and talk to you about how we can improve your concerns.

Step 5. Stem

Reasons why we stem is to help soften the skin,  gentle stimulation, purifying, deep cleansing, desquamating (removal of dead skin cells), increase skin temperature/colour and most of all we love extracting! Removal of comedones (blackheads) and milias (whiteheads)

Step 6. Massage

Reasons why we massage the skin is to de-stress the face and give a natural face-lift. Many of us individuals work out at the gym to tone the body or build muscles, same as the facial massage to help tone and lift the face up. For more effective face-lift come get a facial included with a 20 minute facial massage weekly or for face-lift and slimming of the body we now have RF treatment at Cheryl De Beauté.

Step 7. Masque

Reasons why we use masque is to nourish, hydrate, sooth, peel, cleansing (desquamation – dead skin cells), stimulation and refine the skin.  (depends on what type of mask your using) Leave on for a good 10 minutes for the ingredients to penetrate into the epidermis and dermis layers.

Note:  Jess has couperose skin which is temporally redness of the skin once skin has been in contact with cold, harsh winds or heat, after a few minutes the redness will go down.


Helps define the eyebrows and eyelashes, bringing out the features, a very natural look instead of mascara and eyebrow pencil and lasting up to 4 weeks.  See for yourself!

Step 9. Tone

Reasons why we use toner again after masque is to help close pores, hydrate and help balance out the moisturiser for even and lighter application this helps us avoid dragging of the skin when applying moisturiser.

Step 10. Eyecream

Reasons why we use eyecream is to help prevent the formation of crows feet – the fine lines found around the eyes, they are often caused by sun exposure, however smoking also contributes to their formation. It is essential for the eye cream to be light textured not heavy and sticky.  Start using an eyecream once you reach your 20’s.

Step 11. Moisturiser

Reasons why we use moisturiser is to help replace the lost moisture, protect the skin from the elements and as a base for makeup to prevent clogged pores and an even application of makeup.

Step 12. Neck cream

Reasons why we use neck cream is to prevent the signs of aging. Aging seems to rear its ugly face on the most exposed of all of your areas, the neck.  The skin on your neck is much tougher than the skin located on your face means you need to have a concentrated cream to give results that you could not use on your face.

Step 13. Sunscreen

Reasons why we use sunscreen is to help protect  your skin from the UVA and UVB rays which causes irritation, photo aging and cancer of the skin. One way of protecting the skin is sunscreen, so get the maximum protection and make sure you check the expiry date before applying.  Application should be applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, it is recommended to be worn daytime/daily under your makeup.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me,  We have FREE face mapping TODAY to help customise your skin care needs. We use Sothy’s products from Paris. These products are not tested on animals and are natural based products with no added fragrance or perfumes. They are 100% botanical extract and uses aromatherapy scents. Sothy’s also caters a sensitive range for sensitive skin.